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Reply Paul ... 10/24/2017  • NIKKI … Here's “a number of random thoughts” I have about that's killing us … again during the aged times Enlil and Enki had a big difference of impression … Enlil thought Enki had given to Substantially intelligence to his “slaves” made to mine gold … and planned to wipe them out like a lot of lab rats by drowning them in a terrific Flood … Enlil succeeded in destroyed Virtually all of them (human beings) but Enki managed to aid Noah and some Other individuals survive … humans therefore Possess a “delicate spot” in their hearts for Enki (if not generally known as Yahweh) … the condition is this “rebel from authority” did several evil things that “even we humans” don’t condone (like sacrificing persons and animals and ingesting their blood) … so humanity is betwixt and among … They may be grateful to Enki for conserving … them Nevertheless they don’t like his moral character (and his satanic rituals) … now Once more it seems Enlil is again … and wants to damage Enki’s development (us) … this time he isn't utilizing a Fantastic Flood … He's using every one of the belongings you outlined over to complete us in … and Based on Dane Wiggington Now we have only about 8 several years left right before humanity “is put to sleep for good” by Enlil … nevertheless … the Deep Condition (probably with Enki’s assistance once more) are trying to create super weapons “that will ruin worlds” … so Yet again we could see a Cosmic War inside our Solar Program between superior and evil … such as the one that occurred prior to now which ruined the Earth between Mars and Jupiter (turning it into an asteroid belt) and which destroyed the civilization on Mars … so it seems the Deep State has built a Faustian discount While using the Satan (Enki) … to Probably conserve a number of elites (like in the times of Noah)!!

An EMBO Reviews posting in 2003 noted that the Public Perceptions of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Europe undertaking (PABE)[fifty eight] discovered the public neither accepting nor rejecting GMOs. As an alternative, PABE located that general public had "critical thoughts" about GMOs: "How come we need GMOs? Who Advantages from their use? Who determined that they ought to be created And just how? Why have been we not superior informed about their use in our foodstuff, prior to their arrival on the market? Why are we not supplied an effective decision about whether or not to obtain these products and solutions? Have likely extended-phrase and irreversible penalties been very seriously evaluated, and by whom? Do regulatory authorities have enough powers to correctly control significant businesses?

Reply Paul ... 10/24/2017  • Hey Trump … why don’t you remove the many “real Freebies” staying presented towards the Armed forces/Industrial/Banking Advanced and leave our at the moment pretty modest retirement “Changes” by yourself … what are you afraid of “hyper-inflation” (that the banksters have prepared for us)?!!

The social and political deterioration highlighted and expressed by you and Dr. Janda was properly received. The disappointment of the majority of ordinary Individuals with past tyrants and the current crop of fine for nothing politicians and managing elite does almost nothing but grow.

Because your remark took exception to my remark, I’m desirous of an expansion of the views on the topic.

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If Dr. Dave is correct and the Deep State is in fact terrified As well as in worry of dropping Manage about the machinery, I sense specific that they're going to develop into desperate sufficient to accomplish Totally Everything to us all to prevent a transform close to. It is actually all gonna be incredibly exciting. Luckily You can find safety in God through the Salvation of His Son, our Lord Jesus. As you are a male that calls out to them as frequently as I do sir, your trustworthiness is usually with no question and your function is on the utmost price to us all. Thanks, bless you.

Continue to, this sort of is real according to two acquaintances of mine who continue being unfamiliar to one another and have received their (admittedly 2nd-hand) “know-how” totally independently. Nonetheless, I take into account both of those of these fairly credible relating to their very own use of These with supposedly immediate familiarity with the subject material.

Vandenberg's targets had been very like the ones established out by his predecessor; discovering out "almost everything concerning the Soviet forces in Eastern and Central Europe – their actions, their capabilities, and their intentions."[58]

Certainly mysterious on Worldwide territory. Anticipate very long report, in advance of choice is created. Continue to be there. Keep on investigation. Persuade guy of not possible calls for. Don’t forget to include in report individual view of alternatives for way forward for guy.”

Other improvements which ended up introduced include things like the formation of the Talent Progress Centre of Excellence, the improvement and expansion in the CIA University as well as the creation of your Workplace of your Chancellor to go the CIA University as a way to consolidate and unify recruitment and schooling initiatives. The Place of work of The chief Director are going to be empowered and expanded as well as secretarial offices serving The manager Director is going to be streamlined. The restructuring of the entire Company is always to be revamped according to a completely new design whereby governance visit is modelled following the framework and hierarchy of companies, claimed to enhance the performance of workflow also to tremendously empower the Executive Director to handle day-to-day exercise.

Obama holdovers from your Justice Section. I signify, This may call for senior stage federal government functionaries. Maybe even transfers to countries or embassies wherever terrorism is igniting refugee flows.

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Gorbachev's announcement of your unilateral reduction of 500,000 Soviet troops took the CIA by surprise. Also, Doug MacEachin, the CIA's Chief of Soviet Assessment reported that even though the CIA experienced advised the President, the NSC, and Congress with regards to the cuts beforehand, it might have been disregarded. "We in no way would have been in the position to publish it."[one hundred thirty five] Each of the CIA figures about the USSR's financial system have been Completely wrong. As well normally the CIA relied on people inexperienced with that which they were being supposed to be the professional on.

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